Hey guys! The year 2022 was full of adventures. I am so glad that I got to start an adventure of making music and publishing it for the first time.

This year was full of highs and lows.

It hasn’t always been easy.

But there is one particular thing, I am very proud of. Although I don’t have many followers, I have encountered, throughout my years as an artist, instances where, I felt I inspired someone.

Whether I inspired them to make music, or to follow an entirely different dream, I feel like, when you put yourself out there and dare to do something different, something extraordinary,… it somehow becomes contagious.

And the people around you start telling you what their relationship is to music, or to another creative field they like.

And, sometimes, it seems like, seeing you do your thing, is encouraging to them.

And I feel like, as an artist, this is really something that we can be really proud of. Something that goes far beyond the reach of how many followers you might have or how much engagement on your posts. And sometimes, these kinds of things might be invisible to you. But if you pay close attention, you will see it.

For me, it has been crazy coincidences.

I really do think, on a subconscious level, I might be inspiring the people around me.

And the biggest and proudest example I have of that, is my own mother.

My amazing mom, has just published her very first book!!

She is officially an author.

How crazy is that??!

I am so, so proud of her, and I want to share her book here, if you are interested, it is in Spanish (my mom is colombian), and it is called:

Morir con cristo y vivir con el

By Claudia Suozzi

You can get it here

So, at the beginning of 2022, I published my very first song on iTunes.

And for the very first time, I made it official: I told my friends, colleagues, everyone around me. They were now all aware that I make music. It was no longer some hidden hobby or secret that I was hiding. It was a huge step for me, because I was so afraid of what people would think!

I thought, they would probably make fun of me, and say I am crazy. xD

But you know what? I have decided I no longer care what people think of me.

And it is liberating!

I can finally be myself, and hey, some people might get offended, others might love it, but at least, I am not fake, and I am real.

Someone ended up writing an article about me in the company newsletter to announce that there was talent in our company!

This felt so sweet, I was very touched by the fact that, someone actually had this idea and offered to talk about me. It was really cool!

I signed up to a singing contest, although I failed miserably, I had the courage to sing in front of an entire shopping mall and sing in front of a public for the first time! And a friend of mine, who had taken singing classes for years but never had the guts to sing in public, supported me through this process. And guess what? Shortly after my audition, my friend announced to me that she actually had the courage to sing in front of an audience for the first time!! Coincidence? I think not 😊

I have had people tell me that what I am doing is great, some people want to make songs with me, others say they wish they could do the same.

I have had someone tell me, they had always wanted to play guitar. For years, they never took on this challenge. And now, they told me they took the leap, bought their first guitar and started learning! Is it a coincidence? Why would they be starting now? Could it be because they are seeing someone acting on their dreams and aspirations and feeling inspired to do the same…

Aah, it is a magical feeling!

And to get back to my mom’s story of her publishing her first book..

She had started writing this book some years ago. Because this story is special and needed to be shared.

But she had never gotten around to finishing it, let alone publishing it.

And now, the same year that her daughter (me) publishes her very first song, and seeing all the good things that came from it: got interviewed on the radio, got lots of praise from friends, made a few dollars from music for the first time..

Suddenly, she got the motivation she needed, and finished her book, got it edited, and PUBLISHED IT.


How amazing is that???

Honestly, I DON’T believe in coincidences.

I think, and this is applicable to all of us.. we affect the people around us in more ways than we can imagine.

And that is why, it is important that as artists, not only we stick together, but we are a light for the world.

In the same way we could influence the world in a negative way, we could also influence it in a positive way.

I mean, think about it.

Music can litterally SAVE the world.

Imagine if all songs on earth were spreading peace?

And so, in 2023, my wish is to keep spreading positive, calm and loving vibes in the world, and keep these vibes more contagious than ever!

To inspire, to heal, and to bring joy!

Goodbye 2022, and cheers to 2023! 😊

PS. Here is a sneak peek into my new song, “enjoying life with you”, which perfectly reflects the positive vibes I am talking about here 😉

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