Hey guys!

I wanted to make a little update on how my life is going right now. So, one of the most exiting news right now is, I am finally getting my dream diploma in accounting!

For years I have been planning to do this degree and it is finally coming to realization.

I am becoming a chartered accountant.

And with all this new knowledge, I am very exited of the opportunities which will come my way in the future.

Other than that, on the music side, I haven’t stopped.

I have written a completely new song, inspired by a very sad event. My grandma passed away.

It was a very hard time for me, this and the fact that I also had a lot of planning and work to do for our wedding!

So, it inspired me to make a song, the day when she was in the hospital, spending the night, shortly before passing away..

The lyrics are christian, as I wanted to make a song that would spread hope.

I haven’t gotten around to recording yet but will do as soon as I can, and will be making other new songs too.

And on another subject, my wedding was a dream.

Really, everything turned out amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful to all the amazing vendors who helped make this dream come true. So to thank them, I would like to reference them here:

If you are looking for a DJ for a party in Switzerland, look no further! The amazing DJ Deba did a wonderful job at my wedding, he really listened to our song suggestions and got the perfect vibe, everyone was dancing and we had a great time!

If you are looking for flower decorations (or even just inspiration from her amazing content!) look here: Katty Flores, she is a great flourist and helped make our ceremony look like a dream!! She really brought my vision to life and was attentive to my flower choices.

Also, I have a few recommendations, from Aliexpress if you are looking for the materials I used! See below:






Here is a picture of US!

Don’t we look darling? 😊

So, with mixed feeling of grief and celebration of new things, that is how I spent the summer.

Thanks for tuning in and keeping up on my adventure!

My thoughts of support if any of you can relate and lost your grandparents recently.

May they rest in peace and may love bring us hope

Farewell til next time,