I’m Pam and I love making music.

When I was 5 years old, my parents gifted me with a small eletric piano for my birthday.

Ever since then, I have been fascinated with music, piano and composing my own songs.

At 6 years old I started going to the Musical Conservatory in my town, where I learned sheet music and studied classical pieces. 

I took music as my highschool elective class. This is where the dream became a reality; I was composing music, and it was being played by our school orchestra. It was an amazing experience and a realization that I wanted to take this dream further. Alongside this, I started producing from my own home on my mom’s laptop, trying out a few free music producing softwares.

This is when I stumbled upon a website called Soundation.com.

I started discovering other young artists like me who made music from their homes through the website’s free online studio. I started gaining popularity and one of my tracks even ended up being on the top ten most liked songs on the website at the time.

I really wanted to continue making this dream come true, but I didn’t have the means yet. I took a drastic decision; I dropped out of highschool and decided to get a job.

For one year, I worked at a daycare, where I not only learned how to take care of kids, I also learned how to share my love of music with them, by singing songs with them and doing musical activities with my guitar. 

A few years later, I now work in accounting, which is the career path I chose according to my interests and a field I am also passionate about: Finance.

During my free time, I study marketing, finance and – of course – music.

Now, my project is to start recording more songs and eventually make an album.

Through this website, I will be sharing my progress. I will be adding more in the coming weeks. 

Musically yours,


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