Hey guys!

So, some of you may have been wondering…

Where is Pam?

What in the world is she doing?

Is she alive??

Well, I have great news.

The reason for my time off socials and music is because…


Eeek! I’m suuper excited.

I litterally can’t believe, I’ll be a mrs.

Actually, I am married, officially.

I got married on 11 May 2023!

But we are having the religious ceremony 22 of July.

So, researching marriage, I’ve come to find out that, people all over the world celebrate marriage in different ways. 

During my time preparing, I have loved discovering all the little tips and tricks, DIYs and blogs on the subject!

And let’s not forget the infiniiite pinterest boards!!

In fact, if you’re interested, here you can find all the wedding ideas I pinned ☺️

But no way my wedding is going to be as extravagant as those posts though.

Because, after all, my dream wedding has always truly been to elope on a beach.

And this whole ceremony thing, truth be told, it is really important to me but, all the fancy-shmancy stuff, I could really do without.

But still, I am getting quite creative as I have done a few DIY ideas 🙂

For example, I dried some of the flowers from my civil wedding to keep as a souvenir.

I thought this turned out pretty cute!

And I also bought a golden mirror from a pawn shop, that I restored myself and that I will use to make a welcome sign.

And also re-utilizing a wooden boards structure as an « order of the day » that I will be painting on it.

Hopefully it turns out good!

But, most importantly, through this post, I wanted to let you in on the fact that, yes, I am officially married!

And most of all, I want to thank my now-husband, who is always by my side, supporting my crazy dreams and projects.

He truly is my number one fan, and I am so grateful for him in my life.

So, to anyone out there, who is still searching for that someone, I can only say, mine came through prayer, and believing that god had someone out there just for me❤️🙏🏼

I hope this post will inspire you to never loose faith and hope on love!

Truly, your time will come❤️ you will see😊

Musically yours,